Vacation Rental Virtual Tour

Need to attract more visitors to your vacation rental?

Everyone knows how important it is to include a virtual tour online when selling a house. Listings with virtual tours get 40% more online views than homes without! The same is true for vacation rentals. Having a solid online presence with a website as well as a listing on a vacation rental site like is critical. Realty Hi Lite will photograph and host your virtual tour. If you prefer, we will provide you with the finished product and you can host the tour directly on your own website rather than linking to ours. See a sample of a website with a Realty Hi Lite virtual tour link.

Pricing: The cost for Realty Hi Lite to photograph and host the tour is $250 for a 10 year committment. That’s just $25 a year for 10 years of hosting!

To learn more about the process, email Realty Hi Lite or use our contact page.